Soil Confinement: How The EnviroGrid Cellular System Works

Back in the 1970s, the United States Army Corps of Engineers was tasked to solve a long-standing problem faced during combat operations: moving heavy equipment such as tanks and supply tracks [...]

Coir Matting for Erosion Control – Understanding the Different Applications

If you work in the engineering or environmental field, you know how valuable coir matting for erosion control is. Whether you see them covering steep slopes, sitting at the bottom of riverbanks, [...]

The Curtain Ballast: Why Your Turbidity Barrier Needs One

If you work in the environmental and civil engineering industries, chances are you have worked with a turbidity barrier before. These floating silt curtains are designed to control sediment [...]

The Many Advantages of Geosynthetics For Environmental Projects

Perhaps no other products are as advantageous to environmental and civil engineering projects as geosynthetics. For more than three decades, geosynthetics have evolved from limited engineering [...]

Erosion Mats for Sale – Get The Job Done With IWT Cargo-Guard

Does the job you’re working on require you to find erosion mats for sale? Are you unsure what specific product is needed for the job? Don’t worry, we know exactly what you need to look for. Join [...]

Which Type of Silt Curtain is Right For Your Job?

You may have heard of a silt curtain before, but most likely not by that name. Silt curtains, known by many as turbidity barriers, prevent the migration of silt and sediment from work sites into [...]

Comparing Temporary Water Diversion Products

It’s hurricane season and you know what that means: flooding is a major concern. Flooding can significantly damage property and endanger humans, vegetation, and animals alike. However, the impact [...]

Utilizing the Bioswale for Green Infrastructure

In this modern world of vast urban landscapes and manufactured concrete jungles, it is imperative that natural environments are not only preserved and protected, but maintain a purpose as well. [...]

Shoreline Restoration Using IWT Cargoguard Products

Shoreline restoration is a necessary practice in coastal regions across the globe. These areas are prone to conditions that erode the shoreline. This erosion can lead to significant property [...]

Secondary Containment Using Muscle Walls & Geomembrane Liner

Many industries that handle hazardous materials or any liquid that pollutes the environment rely on secondary containment solutions. One effective method of containing pollutants is with muscle [...]

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