Soil Confinement: How The EnviroGrid Cellular System Works

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Back in the 1970s, the United States Army Corps of Engineers was tasked to solve a long-standing problem faced during combat operations: moving heavy equipment such as tanks and supply tracks over soft soil. When these large rolling vehicles move over unstable dirt and sand, displacement and erosion occur. This means even less stable ground to travel on during sensitive military operations. The solution? Soil confinement.

The engineers discovered the benefits of using geocells as means to provide stabilization beneath their heavy equipment. They created a lightweight structure that held together loose sand and gravel to ensure safe travel across soft soils. Since then, many industries including construction, civil engineering, and the environment have taken advantage of this Envirogrid technology, and have applied them to their own projects.

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What is EnviroGrid?

EnviroGrid is a soil confinement product that is lightweight, expandable, and manufactured from durable high-density polyethylene. It confines and strengthens a variety of infill materials such as vegetative soil, aggregate, and concrete within the cells of its honeycomb-like structure. This honeycomb shape is the key to soil confinement success.

Why a Honeycomb Structure?

The honeycomb structure of EnviroGrid cellular systems opens at the top and bottom of each cell. Whether the unstable surface is level or sloped, the sheet of geocells is laid on top and secured. Then, each cell is filled with the appropriate aggregate depending on the specific application. With the cells open at both sides, the unstable soil below mixes with the added aggregate, and the honeycombs conform to the ground’s surface. The result is a reinforced structure protected from the elements and excessive force.

EnviroGrid Applications

Thanks to the geocell honeycomb structure of EnviroGrid soil confinement systems, there are many effective applications, including soil stabilization, slope erosion control, retaining walls, and channel wall protection.

Soil Stabilization

EnviroGrid offers a perfect soil stabilization solution since it confines the base materials to prevent lateral movement. The geocells significantly reduce pressure and provide subgrade support in areas with soft, unstable soil. This makes it possible to apply heavy loads on access roads, parking lots, paths, and driveways.

Slope Erosion Control

EnviroGrid soil confinement systems prevent soil particles on slopes from being detached and carried away with concentrated runoff streams. After factoring in the existing fill’s failure angle along with the length, height, and angle of the slope, EnviroGrid structures can be anchored to the slope and effectively control the force of erosion.

Retaining Walls

EnviroGrid can work together with geogrids in order to reinforce retaining walls against a steepened slope whenever a change of grade is necessary. While the geogrid acts as a tieback in the reinforced zone, EnviroGrid acts as the facing element. This lets you stack and fill EnviroGrid panels to create vertical, heavy, and reinforced retaining walls.

Channel Wall Protection

EnviroGrid soil confinement systems offer strong and flexible solutions to contain material against channel walls. The geocell honeycomb structure helps to minimize the erosive forces to the channel slope or bottom. EnviroGrid’s flexibility is key in this application.

The Benefits of EnviroGrid Soil Confinement Systems

Given its many applications, EnviroGrid cellular systems provide a host of benefits. First and foremost, you will be able to reduce costs. When reinforcing road bases, you are allowed to utilize local aggregate rather than importing material. With that said, using EnviroGrid lets you reduce the total depth of infill required, cutting costs even more.

Another benefit of EnviroGrid soil confinement systems is their drainage qualities. Permeable aggregates along with EnviroGrid promote drainage. This means that the development of surface depressions or ruts is massively minimized.

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Are You Ready to Utilize EnviroGrid Soil Confinement?

IWT Cargo-Guard has all the EnviroGrid products you need. Whether you’re working on an erosion control or soil stabilization project, we have the tools you need for success. We carry EnviroGrid geocells in heights of 3”, 4”, 6”, and 8” in either perforated or solid wall construction. In addition, we carry the EnviroClip anchors you’ll need to secure your EnviroGrid cellular confinement system in place.
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