Coir Matting for Erosion Control – Understanding the Different Applications

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If you work in the engineering or environmental field, you know how valuable coir matting for erosion control is. Whether you see them covering steep slopes, sitting at the bottom of riverbanks, or stretching across leveled soil, coir products are applied in a variety of ways in an effort to combat erosion. Let’s review what coir matting is and understand its different applications.

Coir Matting for Erosion Control

Coir fiber mats are constructed with pure coir fiber that is woven into blankets with specific weight, strength, and surface area. Coir is a very durable all-natural fiber, which makes it most suitable for severe erosion control problems including steep slopes and high-velocity channels. The flexible nature of coir matting allows it to conform to the contour of soil and create a tight bond. This makes coir mats also effective in stabilizing stream banks and shorelines.

Additionally, coir matting allows seeded vegetation to grow throughout the mat. In locations where erosion has removed important nutrients from the topsoil, coir mats are able to establish vegetation. The spaces between the weaves are perfect for sunlight to permeate to seeds below and the fibers themselves have the natural ability to absorb and retain water. For this reason, coir matting for erosion control is often used in high-water areas such as wetland restorations or shorelines.

coir mats for erosion control


Clearly, erosion control is the primary application of coir matting. From graded slopes and stormwater channels, to detention structures and stream banks or swales, coir mats successfully stabilize slopes and promote vegetation. Better yet, they are completely biodegradable. After years of effectively controlling erosion and anchoring vegetation, coir mats biodegrade and return nutrients back into the soil.

However, there are a few lesser-known applications of coir products besides minimizing soil erosion and sedimentation.


Coir matting for erosion control can also be used alongside coir logs to reinforce banks and shorelines. The stability and strength of coir products lend themselves perfectly to the task of adding height to barriers. Coir matting and logs can be joined together to support soil stretches at any height.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Coir matting is often used to restore environmentally sensitive areas that are crucial in maintaining biological diversity, such as wetlands and agricultural areas. They enrich the soil with vegetation and can help stabilize an otherwise degraded biotic environment. 

Inlet Systems

Coir products are also used as inlet systems at construction sites. Inlet systems help to protect drains at job sites and keep runoff at bay. Coir wattles act as natural inlet systems, retaining sand and sediment while allowing water to drain through.

Weed Management

A final application of coir matting for erosion control is weed management. Weeds can become harmful to plants and trees in the area. With that said, coir mats can be used to suppress weed growth and instead encourage new vegetative growth.

coir matting erosion control

Ready to Utilize Coir Matting for Erosion Control?

If you’re working with steep slopes or high-velocity channels, coir matting is the product you need and IWT Cargo-Guard is the company to work with. We offer countless erosion control products, including coir matting, jute matting, and permanent turf reinforcement mats. Our biodegradable coir fiber matting comes in 400, 700, and 900-gram weights. They will easily last 36+ months in areas with heavy flow channels and severe slopes.
We also offer additional job site supplies such as staples or stakes in order to secure your mats in place. Whether you’re working on a soil stabilization project or a shoreline restoration, IWT Cargo-Guard has all the products you need to protect our environment. Contact our team today to seamlessly obtain your coir mats and control erosion.

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