Are Armormax® Erosion Control Products Right For Your Job?

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If you’re researching products to use for your erosion control project, look no further than Armomax®. It is by far one of the most advanced flexible armoring technologies on the market for severe erosion and surficial slope stability challenges. Not sure what Armormax® is? Let’s review everything you need to know about Armomax erosion control products, including features, benefits, and applications.

armormax construction

Armormax® Features

Armormax®  is the top brand for engineered earth armoring systems. Each system consists of Armormax® high-performance turf reinforcement mats (HPTRMS) and engineered earth anchors (EEAs). Together, the Armormax® erosion control products lock the soil in place.

High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats

HPTRMs provide increased reinforcement and stabilization for high flow channels, steep slopes, and shorelines. They are constructed from high-strength UV stabilized polypropylene fibers that are woven into a three-dimensional pyramid matrix. 

Engineered Earth Anchors

Meanwhile, EEAs act to resist the driving forces of the slope that could cause soil mobilization or failure. They are manufactured from a corrosion-resistant material that is connected to a zinc-aluminum coated carbon steel or stainless steel tendon.

High-performance turf reinforcement mats and engineered earth anchors work in tandem to lock soil in place, protect against hydraulic stresses, and improve slope stability. 

Armormax®  Benefits

Armormax® products provide multiple benefits for erosion control projects. First of all, Armormax is aesthetically pleasing. Their products are available in either green or tan, whichever is best to compliment or blend into the natural surroundings.

Additionally, Armormax® products outlast the rest. Unlike hard armoring methods including rock riprap, concrete blocks, and fabric-formed revetments, Armormax® erosion control products withstand hydraulic and non-hydraulic stresses. Depending on the conditions of your job site, they can last up to 75 years. This makes it a far more cost-effective option.

Armormax®  products are also very easy to install, allowing you to reduce labor costs. They are lightweight and easy to transport to job sites that may be difficult to navigate.

Finally, Armomax erosion control products are environmentally friendly. They support the EPA’s Green Infrastructure Initiative and are a recognized stormwater Best Management Practice. Implementing an Armormax® system will help you protect stormwater channels in arid or semi-arid environments where scarce vegetation coverage is anticipated. 

Armormax® Applications

From supporting stormwater channels such as streams, rivers, and canal banks, to protecting earth levees from wave overtopping, Armormax® can do it all. Primary applications include:

  • Vegetation reinforcement and promoting sustainable aquatic ecosystems
  • Temporary shoring and stabilization for constructed slopes
  • Protection of spillways and high-discharge channels
  • Supporting roadway embankments

Armormax® Installation

If you’re considering Armormax® erosion control products, it’s important to know how to install them. As we said earlier, installation is simple and seamless.

When preparing the job site, the failed slope must be graded and compacted. Any objects that would prevent Armormax® from making direct contact with the soil should be removed. Once the area is cleared, a trench must be excavated at the crest and toe of the slope.

Next, the high-performance turf reinforcement mats must be unrolled on the prepared soil. Make sure the mat maintains intimate contact with the soil. Engineered earth anchors should be installed throughout the mat. The exact location and depth of anchors will depend upon your specific project.

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Are Armormax® Erosion Control Products Right For Your Job?

If Armormax® sounds like a good fit for your next project, IWT Cargo-Guard has everything you need. We are an authorized distributor of all Armormax® erosion control products. Whether you are looking for woven HPTRMs or stitch-bonded Turf Reinforcement Mats, our team has you covered. Reach out to IWT Cargo-Guard today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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