Turf Reinforcement Mats vs Erosion Control Blankets: What to Know

Turf reinforcement mats and erosion control blankets are often essential in construction and civil engineering projects. They are employed in regions susceptible to erosion such as wetlands to [...]

Coconut Coir Logs: How They Work And Their Advantages

Erosion and sedimentation can have a significant impact on the environment, infrastructure, and local communities. Uncontrolled erosion can result in the loss of valuable topsoil, damage to [...]

Geogrid Applications: Exploring Each Type & Their Function

Perhaps one of the most useful tools for environmental and construction projects is geogrid. Geogrids are geosynthetics made from a polymeric material, created by weaving or knitting intersecting [...]

Comparing Ground Stabilization Fabric: Woven VS Nonwoven

If you’re looking for effective ground stabilization fabric, there is no better option than geotextiles. Geotextiles are created from chemically resistant synthetic fibers to prevent [...]

Coir Matting for Erosion Control – Understanding the Different Applications

If you work in the engineering or environmental field, you know how valuable coir matting for erosion control is. Whether you see them covering steep slopes, sitting at the bottom of riverbanks, [...]

Are Armormax® Erosion Control Products Right For Your Job?

If you’re researching products to use for your erosion control project, look no further than Armomax®. It is by far one of the most advanced flexible armoring technologies on the market for [...]

Erosion Mats for Sale – Get The Job Done With IWT Cargo-Guard

Does the job you’re working on require you to find erosion mats for sale? Are you unsure what specific product is needed for the job? Don’t worry, we know exactly what you need to look for. Join [...]

Which Type of Silt Curtain is Right For Your Job?

You may have heard of a silt curtain before, but most likely not by that name. Silt curtains, known by many as turbidity barriers, prevent the migration of silt and sediment from work sites into [...]

Utilizing the Bioswale for Green Infrastructure

In this modern world of vast urban landscapes and manufactured concrete jungles, it is imperative that natural environments are not only preserved and protected, but maintain a purpose as well. [...]

Erosion Control Mats – Steep Slope and Channel Installation

Erosion control mats are an economical and efficient way of controlling soil erosion in a variety of applications. There are different installation methods for use on slopes and channels that [...]

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