Type 2 Turbidity Curtain: Is It The Right Choice For Your Project?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right type of turbidity curtain for your construction, environmental, or civil engineering project. Thankfully, IWT Cargo-Guard is here to [...]

Comparing Sediment Control Barriers and Other BMP Products

Sediment control barriers and best management practice (BMP) products play a crucial role in preserving the environment and preventing soil erosion. The installation of these products on [...]

The Benefits of Sediment Control Bags: Everything You Need to Know

The Benefits of Sediment Control Bags: Everything You Need to Know Are you looking for a low-cost solution for controlling pollution from construction or stormwater runoff at job sites? If so, [...]

Comparing Ground Stabilization Fabric: Woven VS Nonwoven

If you’re looking for effective ground stabilization fabric, there is no better option than geotextiles. Geotextiles are created from chemically resistant synthetic fibers to prevent [...]

Soil Confinement: How The EnviroGrid Cellular System Works

Back in the 1970s, the United States Army Corps of Engineers was tasked to solve a long-standing problem faced during combat operations: moving heavy equipment such as tanks and supply tracks [...]

The Curtain Ballast: Why Your Turbidity Barrier Needs One

If you work in the environmental and civil engineering industries, chances are you have worked with a turbidity barrier before. These floating silt curtains are designed to control sediment [...]

Which Type of Silt Curtain is Right For Your Job?

You may have heard of a silt curtain before, but most likely not by that name. Silt curtains, known by many as turbidity barriers, prevent the migration of silt and sediment from work sites into [...]

The Benefits of Using EcoTubes and Geo Bags for Dredging

You don’t want to go swimming in sludge, do you? Marinas, lakes, rivers, and lagoons can all develop sludge at a rapid pace especially after storms. This built-up sludge can significantly damage [...]

Utilizing the Bioswale for Green Infrastructure

In this modern world of vast urban landscapes and manufactured concrete jungles, it is imperative that natural environments are not only preserved and protected, but maintain a purpose as well. [...]

Coir Logs – Sediment Control And Slope Stabilization Solutions

Coir logs are excellent products to facilitate slope stabilization and have a myriad of other applications. From restoring marshes and beaches to reinforcing banks and controlling erosion along [...]

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