Exploring the Difference Between An Oil and Silt Containment Boom

An oil containment boom and a silt containment boom are both used to protect the integrity of water sources near job sites. Since these products resemble one another on the surface, it’s easy to [...]


Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Turbidity Barriers

When it comes to turbidity barriers, there’s a lot to know. With so many applications and industries that rely on them, there are many questions to answer. We’ve put together a collection of [...]

Turbidity Barriers 101 – Understanding The Basics

Turbidity barriers, also known as turbidity or silt curtains, contain excess suspended sediment created by construction in or around a body of water. Their use protects ecologically sensitive [...]

IWT Supplies Fish Exclusion Barriers for River Capping Project

IWT and Spilldam Environmental continue their tradition of innovative designs for specialty containment and turbidity curtains for the marine industry by supplying the fish exclusion barriers to [...]