IWT Supplies Fish Exclusion Barriers for River Capping Project

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IWT Cargo-Guard and Spilldam Environmental continued their tradition of innovative designs for specialty containment and turbidity curtains for the marine industry by supplying the fish exclusion barriers to the J. F. Brennan Company for a Connecticut River capping project. The purpose of a fish exclusion barrier is to protect resident, transient fish and marine life from entering active work zones. Regulatory bodies continue to introduce new marine mandates that contractors are to follow. As a result, fish exclusion barriers have become necessary when working in and around bodies of water. During certain times of the year, fish migrate in and out of specific areas to spawn or forage for food. When work cannot stop during these crucial migrations, a fish exclusion barrier is the solution.

How Do Fish Exclusion Barriers Work?

By combining the traditional concept of a floating permeable turbidity curtain with a small opening safety grid system with heavy ballast, the fish exclusion barrier provides a bottom seal and safety shield to keep fish out while allowing dredging or capping to safely take place within the zone.  The permeable skirt allows free water flow and can handle significant water flow and velocity without causing skirt lift which can be a problem with traditional barriers in a high flow river or stream. In addition, each fish exclusion barrier is checked regularly to make sure of bottom contact and proper alignment to ensure its effectiveness. This design has been used successfully in New Bedford to protect flounder, the Potomac River to protect striped bass and in St. Maries, Idaho to protect native trout.

Fish Exclusion Barriers from IWT Cargo-Guard

IWT Cargo-Guard provides high-quality custom floating turbidity barriers/silt filtration curtains including fish exclusion barriers, as well as jellyfish exclusion barriers for all types of projects. If you have a design concept for fish exclusion barriers, marine barriers, or curtains that you would like developed further, contact us today! We will work with you every step of the way to help turn your idea into a finished product.

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