Investigating High-Strength Woven Geotextile Reinforcement

If you’re in the civil engineering or environmental industry, chances are you know what geotextiles are. They are often used for soil stabilization purposes, including roads, landfills, drainage [...]

Geogrid Applications: Exploring Each Type & Their Function

Perhaps one of the most useful tools for environmental and construction projects is geogrid. Geogrids are geosynthetics made from a polymeric material, created by weaving or knitting intersecting [...]

Comparing Ground Stabilization Fabric: Woven VS Nonwoven

If you’re looking for effective ground stabilization fabric, there is no better option than geotextiles. Geotextiles are created from chemically resistant synthetic fibers to prevent [...]

Geocell Cellular Confinement System: What You Need to Know

When you hear the term “geocell cellular confinement system,” you may not fully understand what it is. They are extremely helpful tools when completing construction and environmental projects. [...]

The Many Advantages of Geosynthetics For Environmental Projects

Perhaps no other products are as advantageous to environmental and civil engineering projects as geosynthetics. For more than three decades, geosynthetics have evolved from limited engineering [...]

The Benefits of Using EcoTubes and Geo Bags for Dredging

You don’t want to go swimming in sludge, do you? Marinas, lakes, rivers, and lagoons can all develop sludge at a rapid pace especially after storms. This built-up sludge can significantly damage [...]

How Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls Save Resources and Money

It’s safe to say that civil engineers face countless challenges when trying to stabilize structures and support the soil. From balancing resources and budgets to completing maintenance and [...]

Erosion Control Mats – Steep Slope and Channel Installation

Erosion control mats are an economical and efficient way of controlling soil erosion in a variety of applications. There are different installation methods for use on slopes and channels that [...]

Dredging Project Supplies That Protect The Environment

During a dredging project, sediment gets stirred up, erosion can occur, and dangerous pollutants may need to be removed from the water. These problems are solved through the use of various [...]

Understanding How Different Industries Utilize Geotextile Fabrics

Geotextiles are polymeric materials used in engineering applications such as civil construction and environmental protection. While the materials remain the same, different industries utilize [...]

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