Dredging Project Supplies That Protect The Environment

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During a dredging project, sediment gets stirred up, erosion can occur, and dangerous pollutants may need to be removed from the water. These problems are solved through the use of various supplies such as turbidity barriers, erosion control geosynthetics, and dewatering bags. The supplies required depends on the type of dredging project you are working on. Let’s explore how different dredging projects protect the environment with the help of sediment and erosion control products. 

Waterway Creation and Maintenance

Dredging is essential to both creating and maintaining man-made waterways. When new waterways are created, large amounts of sediment are stirred up, increasing the turbidity of the water. To prevent the sediment from entering existing waterways,  turbidity barriers are used to contain the sediment-laden water and prevent it from harming fish and vegetation in the connecting waterways. 

dewatering bags for silt

During a waterway maintenance dredging project, debris, dead vegetation, and pollutants that have accumulated on the bottom of a waterway are removed in order to restore its depth. Turbidity curtains are also used on these projects. Waterways being dredged are also susceptible to erosion, which is harmful to the environment and the integrity of the waterway. Erosion control blankets, high-performance turf reinforcement mats, and geotextiles are used to strengthen shorelines. Dewatering bags are used to remove and filter sediment-laden water. The sediment-laden water is pumped into the dewatering bag’s fill port and filtered through the geotextile fabric. The filtered water can be collected and further polished or discharged back into an acceptable location. 

Shoreline Replenishment

While shoreline replenishment is similar to waterway maintenance, the term refers to erosion and turbidity issues caused by storms, natural disasters, and manmade disasters. Dredging can restore the shoreline while turbidity barriers prevent the spread of sediment. Geogrids can be used to stabilize the shoreline and prevent future erosion and dewatering bags like EcoTube™ can be used to remove the sediment. This helps protect local ecosystems and beachfront houses from ‘losing’ their property. 

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Chemical Cleanup

Chemical cleanups are another common type of dredging application. This is when dredging is used to remove contaminants in the water from things such as chemical spills and sewage buildup. Turbidity barriers can contain contaminated water and prevent its spread so a remediation team works to remove the contaminants.

High-Quality Dredging Project Supplies

If you are gearing up for any type of dredging project, you must have the right supplies. Whether it be turbidity barriers, dewatering bags, or geosynthetics, the supplies you use can be the deciding factor in whether your dredging project will be successful. 

 IWT Cargoguard was founded with the purpose of developing products to protect our environment, IWT Cargo-Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. At IWT Cargo-Guard, one size fits all is not our motto.  Different sites have requirements that are unique to the type of sediment and specific requirements of the project. We work with you to get the job done.

We carry all types of turbidity barriers as well as containment booms, marine accessories and more. Contact us and our team will work with you to ensure you have exactly what you need to keep your project in compliance and on track. 

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