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It’s the rainy season again and, for many in the construction industry, this means erosion and sediment control is a top priority. Excessive runoff from rainfall on job sites causes sediment to flow into the waterway. The sediment increases the turbidity of the water, which is harmful to plant and animal life. To protect the environment, businesses rely on a variety of erosion and sediment control



products, each with its own applications and benefits. 

Silt Fences

Not to be confused with silt curtains, silt fences are constructed of geotextile filter fabric connected with stakes. The geotextile fabric will retain the sediments in place while allowing water to filter through. This protects water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes, and seas from sediment in stormwater runoff. When extra support is required, silt fences are often reinforced with wire backing. 

soil confinement

Pump Filter Bags 

Pump filter bags or dewatering bags are manufactured from heavyweight nonwoven geotextile filter fabric or specialty woven monofilament geotextiles. Their purpose is to filter out sediment during a water pumping project. Sediment-laden water is pumped into and through the permeable bag, which retains only the sediment while the filtered water returns to its source. The remaining sediment can then be reused or disposed of through the proper methods.

Turbidity Barriers

Turbidity barriers, or silt curtains, are used on worksites in open waters or near shorelines in order to contain sediment-laden water. During a dredging project, sediment gets stirred up in the water which is harmful to plants and wildlife if it isn’t contained. Floating barriers with geotextile fabrics are used to surround the dredging site and prevent the sediment-laden water from entering the greater waterway. They can be floating or custom-staked barriers, but the purpose remains the same. 

Compost Filter Socks 

Compost filter socks are tubular mesh sleeves that hold organic composts for stormwater filtration and erosion control applications. Contractors can use them on coastlines and slopes to stabilize the soil while filtering out water. The socks are filled with compost materials for the purpose of filtering out soluble pollutants and sediments that are displaced by stormwater.  They are also used for perimeter control, slope interruption, diversion berms, inlet protection, or as a silt fence alternative. Options like Filtrexx and Diamond Sock bring you the most cost-effective options for your worksite.

Coir Logs

Coir logs are used to dissipate flow velocity and wave energy along waterways. They are made from biodegradable fabric packed into tubular netting. The coir fibers absorb water in a similar manner to compost filter socks, except they do so in a way that supports vegetative growth. They trap sediment and filter water on slopes and along channels while giving vegetation a chance to grow within and around it. They are utilized both for controlling dry slope erosion as well as wetland edges and stream channel banks. They have a lifespan of around 2-5 years and, by the time they fully degrade, will have established a vegetative root system in its place.

what is geogrid used for

Straw And Wood Wattles

These erosion and sediment control products are made from natural straw or wood excelsior fibers encased in polypropylene or all-natural jute netting material. Along waterways, water will pass through them while sediment accumulates on the upstream side. They are flexible, require no trenching, are reusable, and can fit any terrain.

Inlet Filters 

During construction, contractors will place inlet filters over storm drains across the site. They are geotextile sacks that collect sand and other debris so they don’t enter the stormwater. Inlet filters are typically used alongside several other turbidity-control and soil stabilization products and processes.

Sediment Control Products for Your Work Site

At IWT Cargo-Guard, we offer a variety of erosion and sediment control products that provide the best management practices for sediment control on your work site. Our products are made with high-strength, high-quality materials that withstand the stresses associated with sediment runoff near waterways.

From dewatering bags for silt to coir logs and silt fences, we’ll equip you with the right erosion and sediment control products for your project. IWT Cargo Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. Call us at 609-971-8810 or contact us today so we can discuss the use of silt fences for your next project.

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