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Coir logs are excellent products to facilitate slope stabilization and have a myriad of other applications. From restoring marshes and beaches to reinforcing banks and controlling erosion along shorelines, they are effective in many situations. Learning about how they work can help you determine if they are the right solution for your project.

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Product Construction

Coir logs are made of 100% coir fibers that are rolled into a tube and wrapped in netting. They provide immediate structure and stability to slopes and banks and then allow nature to take over. Construction workers dig a trench, place the logs within it, and stake the logs down into the soil. Their design allows them to integrate into the soil by promoting vegetative growth through the log. With vegetation growing through the logs, the slope becomes substantially more secure. They hold in moisture so strong roots can develop and reinforce the slope. 

Both the organic material and the netting are biodegradable, so coir logs can be installed permanently without the worry of harming the environment. Coir twine allows multiple logs to connect together, allowing installation along any distance. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that although constructed of biodegradable materials, they are very strong and durable. 

Types of Coir Logs

There are different variations of coir logs, each with its own benefits and applications. There are standard density coir logs and high density. The high-density variations are wrapped in rhombic coir netting and are packed with more coir than the standard density variation. These are suitable for areas with harsh terrains, heavy water flow, and other heavy environmental conditions. They also last longer than standard density options. Then there is the pre-drilled variation. Pre-drilled coir logs have slots drilled into the logs which can be used to plant seeds or connect multiple logs together with ease. These are great for situations where quick deployment over a large area is required. 

Common Issues

Coir logs are excellent products when installed correctly. However improper installation can result in a few common issues. For example, when installed on a slope that is sliding, slumping or creeping, the logs will not work as intended. If they are staked down improperly, heavy water flows can lift them right out of the ground. If they are installed without digging a trench first, stormwater runoff can flow underneath and cause failure. Another common issue occurs when installing multiple coir logs end to end without overlapping them. Water will flow between the logs, reducing their efficacy in slope stabilization and sediment control. 

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Experts In The Industry 

At IWT Cargo-Guard, we offer a variety of sediment control and slope stabilization products that provide the best management practices for sediment control on your work site. Our products are made with high-strength, high-quality materials that withstand the stresses associated with sediment runoff near waterways.

Our coir logs are available in 12″, 16”, and 20” diameters and are 10’ or 20’ long. Density ranges from 5 lbs./cu.ft., 7 lbs./cu.ft. or 9 lbs./cu.ft.  Since the success of a project depends upon the selection of the appropriate material, consider flow velocity, wave height, stream energy, and soil type.

From dewatering bags for silt to coir logs and silt fences, we’ll equip you with the right sediment control products for your project. IWT Cargo Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. Contact us today to get started!

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