Shoreline Restoration Using IWT Cargoguard Products

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Shoreline restoration is a necessary practice in coastal regions across the globe. These areas are prone to conditions that erode the shoreline. This erosion can lead to significant property damage and ecological harm if left unchecked. IWT Cargoguard products offer excellent solutions for this problem, as they provide both structural integrity and erosion protection. Our products can be used to facilitate long-lasting, low-maintenance shoreline restoration.

Turf Reinforcement Mats

Turf reinforcement mats promote shoreline stabilization by reducing the impacts of waves and currents. The matting is typically constructed from geosynthetic materials that can withstand corrosion from saltwater exposure. They are versatile and adaptable, able to be specifically tailored to the height, width and thickness ideal for specific situations. Turf reinforcement mats work by holding soil in place while encouraging vegetative growth. The natural vegetation takes hold through the geosynthetic material, making them an excellent choice for shoreline stabilization projects that require a long-lasting solution.

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Coir Logs

Using coir logs is an excellent method of dissipating wave energy and flow velocity for shoreline restoration while promoting vegetative growth. Coir logs are made of 100% coir fibers that are rolled into a tube and wrapped in netting. When installed along waterways, the coir fibers absorb water while retaining sediments that break down, providing an ideal environment for vegetative growth. Once vegetation forms, the shoreline naturally becomes more stable and resistant to erosion. These strong vegetative root systems hold the ground in place so it can provide greater resistance to wave energy and flow velocity. 

Cellular Confinement Systems 

Cellular confinement systems are a safe and economical method of creating channel walls for the purpose of shoreline stabilization. The cells of the system contain and stabilize sediment, preventing erosion from waves crashing onshore. When overtopping occurs, seawater is contained behind the wall until it drains out naturally through openings in front of each cell which allows water flow back down the slope into channels below. Cells also have more structural integrity, so they are not subject to natural forces or uplift events that could cause them to become dislodged. 

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Erosion Control Mats

The erosion control mat is another great product used in shoreline stabilization. Different from geosynthetic turf reinforcement mats, erosion control mats are made from natural fibers that will degrade over time leaving natural vegetation to take hold. They can be used in conjunction with coir logs to create a natural shoreline that can resist wave action and soil erosion. This means they will remain effective for years without any need for replacement.

These durable mats not only protect against erosion but also protect sensitive ecosystems such as salt marshes from environmental damage. They require minimal maintenance after installation which means they are an excellent choice for coastal areas where there are limited resources or funding available on site for upkeep.

Shoreline Restoration Products

These are only a few ways IWT Cargoguard’s products can help with shoreline stabilization.  For more ways to control erosion, see what the experts have to offer. At IWT We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose exactly what you need. Founded with the purpose of developing products to protect our environment, IWT Cargo Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. IWT Cargo-Guard understands the importance of protecting our environment. We offer a variety of pollution and erosion control products to protect and preserve it for generations to come. For all of your erosion protection needs, contact us today.

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