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Does the job you’re working on require you to find erosion mats for sale? Are you unsure what specific product is needed for the job? Don’t worry, we know exactly what you need to look for. Join us as we investigate how to choose the right erosion mats for your job.

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What is an Erosion Mat?

First, let’s make sure you are looking for the right product. Erosion mats, or blankets, are used to prevent surface erosion while accelerating vegetation establishment. Additionally, they can temporarily stabilize and protect disturbed soil from rainfall and surface erosion. Their open area material lends itself perfectly to filtration. With that in mind, if you’re looking to conserve soil moisture and decrease compaction or soil crusting, you should use an erosion mat.

Which Kind of Erosion Mat Should You Buy?

Did you know that there are many different types of erosion mats? In other words, you shouldn’t be looking for any old erosion mats for sale. Instead, search for the correct kind for your job. Let’s review six different types of erosion blankets.


Temporary erosion mats are constructed from natural fibers such as straw or wood excelsior. If you’re looking to protect slopes from short-term rainfall, the photodegradable poly netting on temporary erosion mats is what you need. 

All Natural

All-natural erosion mats are made from straw, wood excelsior, or coconut fibers. If you’re looking for completely biodegradable erosion mats for sale, then consider the all-natural kind. Their fiber matrix is confined by a biodegradable jute net which is bound with biodegradable cotton. For this reason, they are typically used in environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands and along shorelines where preservation is key.

Jute Matting

Jute matting is an erosion mat that is composed of unbleached, undyed natural jute fibers that are woven together. In addition to its open weave, the absorbent, lightweight, and cost-effective nature of jute matting effectively hugs the soil, holds vegetation in place, and gives roots a chance to establish.

Coir Fiber Matting

Coir Fiber erosion mats are constructed from pure coir fiber woven into blankets. Their weight and strength allow for high durability and tensile strength. If you’re looking for erosion mats for sale that are suitable for erosion control problems such as steep slopes, or for use along shorelines, choose coir fiber mats.

Extended Term

Extended-term erosion mats are made of natural straw, excelsior, and coconut. If you’re looking to provide extended longevity while yielding protection for up to three years, extended erosion mats are the way to go, even in arid environments such as steep slope areas.

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats

Permanent turf reinforcement erosion mats are constructed by processing UV stabilized non-degradable synthetic fibers, and mesh nettings into a three-dimensional reinforcement matrix. If your goal is to provide a permanent solution in high-velocity areas or demanding harsh environments, choose permanent turf reinforcement mats.

Other Considerations When Looking For Erosion Mats for Sale

Do you now have a better idea about which kind of erosion mat you’re looking for? Ultimately, you need to consider three things when choosing the type right for you: longevity, flow, and slope. In other words, ask yourself: “How long will it last?”,” What channel flow velocity can it handle?”, and “how steep of a slope?” 

Unsure which erosion mat and environmental product professionals will be able to help you find the product that’s right for your job? Look no further than IWT Cargo-Guard.

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IWT Cargo-Guard Has Erosion Mats for Sale

If you’re looking for quality and cost-effective erosion mats, then IWT Cargo-Guard is the place to be. We offer a variety of erosion blankets in addition to staples, stakes, and all other construction job site supplies you may need to secure your erosion mats into place. Contact us today to get started!

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