Comparing Temporary Water Diversion Products

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It’s hurricane season and you know what that means: flooding is a major concern. Flooding can significantly damage property and endanger humans, vegetation, and animals alike. However, the impact flooding has on our lives and the environment can be minimized or even prevented. This is where temporary water diversion products come into play.

What Are Temporary Water Diversion Products?

When dealing with strong surges of water runoff, temporary water diversion products can save the day. These man-made structures and tools can effectively modify the natural flow of a waterway. 

However, unlike permanent products such as dams, levees, and irrigation canals, temporary water diversion products are simply that: temporary. This means that when confronted with potential flooding, these products can be quickly put into use until they are no longer needed. You’ll be able to cost-effectively prevent soil erosion and the destruction of wildlife habitats, saving money that would otherwise be spent on constructing and maintaining large, immobile structures.

Putting these products to use will also save you from the financial impact flooding can cause. Damaged bridges, sewer lines, and other related structures and systems can lead to large repair costs. Wouldn’t you like to prevent this damage from happening? Clearly, temporary water diversion products can save the environment while saving you money.

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Comparing Bulk Bag Dams and Muscle Walls

While there are countless products to choose from depending on your flood prevention projects, two major solutions include bulk bag dams and muscle walls. Let’s explore how each product can help with your next project.

Bulk Bag Dams

Bulk bag dams are temporary dams that are used for stream diversion or onside exclusion zones.  By stacking them in conjunction with an impermeable liner, bulk bag dams can be filled to act as a barrier at a moment’s notice. You can even adjust the height to best suit your specific situation. 

Bulk bag dams are not only used in the face of flooding but can also be used efficiently during construction projects. If you’re trying to repair a bridge or build support columns, creating a temporary dam with these bags can hold back water and aquatic life so that you can get the job done without damaging the environment.

Muscle Walls

Meanwhile, muscle walls are temporary water diversion products that can be rapidly deployed to effectively contain oil and gas, manage stormwater, and control erosion as a result of flooding. Plastic is molded into high barricades that easily slot together. These barricades form a sustainable barrier that will keep water out when you’re trying to get work done and prevent run-off and contaminants from polluting the environment. 

Muscle walls are especially cost-effective and easy to set up and take down. Additionally, they are reusable. This means you won’t have to worry about investing in more temporary water diversion products after using them. These products definitely pack some muscle when faced with potential flooding.

Dewatering and Sediment Filter Bags

When trying to divert runoff, you may want to filter it too, right? Although this is not always the case, temporary water diversion products work hand in hand with dewatering bags. These high-strength bags are used to reduce any grains, sludge, soil, and waste from the water. 

Sediment filter bags work similarly, rapidly dewatering sediments thanks to their filter-friendly fabric. With that in mind, consider using dewatering or sediment filter bags in tandem with muscle walls and bulk bag dams in order to divert water then filter/drain it afterward with a pump.

temporary dam wall

Where Can You Find Temporary Water Diversion Products?

If you need bulk bag dams, muscle walls, or any other environment-friendly product, look no further than IWT Cargo-Guard. Our team of experienced professionals offers a line of products and services that are unmatched for their effectiveness. Whether you’re trying to stabilize the soil or restore the shoreline, we have the products for you. Reach out to our team today to best equip yourself with the planet and wallet-saving product you need.

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