Water Pollution Solutions Through Erosion Prevention

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Water pollution negatively impacts marine life, people, and wildlife in ways that are not easily reversible. In order to prevent water pollution, the construction industry is required to use an approach that goes beyond minimizing pollution at the source. They must also prevent the erosion that facilitates the spread of pollution. By utilizing the latest water pollution solutions, companies across the globe can better protect our water supply.

Causes of Erosion

Soil degradation can greatly hinder water pollution prevention. Eroded soil makes it easier for debris and contaminants to get carried by runoff into our clean water supply. This is especially problematic on construction sites where hazardous waste and other chemicals are used.

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Wind, the slope of the land, as well as vegetation supporting the soil’s structure all play a role in erosion. Even farming processes, such as land tilling, can contribute to soil erosion. The strongest defense against erosion is preserving the land’s natural vegetation. Root systems and water retention bolster the structure of the soil. In areas where natural vegetation is weak or sparse, other water pollution solutions are required to protect the environment.

Preventing Hazardous Materials From Spreading

One of these water pollution solutions is the proper use of hazardous chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizer. If a spill occurs when working with these chemicals, you need to have spill kits and absorbents on hand to mitigate the situation. These are used around spills to prevent them from spreading and entering bodies of water or being absorbed into the groundwater. There are also products called spill berms that a leaking vehicle can drive onto which prevents chemicals from spreading. Smaller spill berms are also used to store vessels containing hazardous material. These forms of mitigation are used to prevent contamination at the source.

Filtering Runoff

When there is water runoff on a construction site, sediment, debris, and trash can be carried into larger bodies of water with it. To prevent this pollution, sediment control products can be used to filter and reduce the water flows’ movement through an area. Ponds, trenches, and holding areas can also be filtered through products such as dewatering bags. Dewatering bags are made from strong, permeable geotextile fabrics and water is pumped through them. The bags collect fine grain sand, contaminated soil, dredge waste and other materials while allowing water to pass through. Dewatering and sediment control products are excellent water pollution solutions.

Sediment-Laden Waterways

Shoreline and in-water construction projects create issues that require effective water pollution solutions. These projects disturb the soil and increase erosion in the area, leaving nearby bodies of water laden with sediment. This can significantly harm plants, fish, insects, animals and their environments. Turbidity barriers are an effective way to combat the issue. These are floating barriers that retain water, forcing the sediment within them to settle and protecting the surrounding water from contamination. By surrounding a shoreline or in-water construction site with turbidity barriers, you can contain water pollution and slow the effects of erosion.

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Water Pollution Solutions From The Experts

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only water pollution solutions out there. For more ways to prevent water pollution, see what the experts have to offer. IWT Cargo-Guard understands the importance of protecting our environment. We offer a variety of pollution and erosion control products to protect and preserve it for generations to come.

Founded with the purpose of developing products to protect our environment, IWT Cargo Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can work together to protect and strengthen our environment.

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