Sediment Control Products – The Role of Dewatering Bags for Silt

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Dewatering a construction site is almost always a requirement. Dewatering involves removing the groundwater from the site through pumping or evaporation. Dewatering before excavation begins to lower the groundwater table to an appropriate level. Most construction sites need dewatering to remove the water that builds up in trenches, excavations, or in areas that have an insufficient slope. Removing the water from the construction site keeps the project running smoothly and safely. Pumping is a common method of dewatering. If not done correctly, it can lead to erosion and pollution problems when discharging the water and the sediment that inevitably comes with it. This is why sediment control products such as dewatering bags for silt are so important for the dewatering process.

Dewatering Bags for Silt

Dewatering bags for silt are made from strong and durable geotextile fabric to ensure high-quality performance. They are idea for use on dredging operations, construction sites, or places that have a high water table near a shoreline. Dewatering bags for silt control sediment discharge when pumping water from a construction site. As the water is pumped through the dewatering bag, it is slowed down which allows the bag to capture the sediment as the water flows through the bag. Once the process is complete, the dewatering bag can be opened and the sediment can be discharged in a safe and responsible way.


Jobsite Safety

The dewatering process makes a Jobsite both easier and safer to work on. Having excess water on the Jobsite can create safety concerns. Workers can easily slip and fall if the ground is too wet or muddy. The presence of water can also lead to construction equipment damage or it could possibly obstruct certain tasks during the project. Dewatering your job site not only keeps workers and equipment safe, but it also ensures that you satisfy all safety and environmental regulations.

Environmental Safety

One of the most important aspects of sediment control products like dewatering bags for silt is that they help to protect our environment. Water can easily accumulate toxins, especially when it is stagnant. Dewatering bags for silt not only help to remove the water, but also remove any toxins with the water. Avoid discharging water with contaminants such as oil, grease, or chemicals. In this scenario, the use of an oil/water separator will finish the job.

If not done correctly, dewatering can cause erosion to occur. This is why it is so important to choose the best location for discharging the water from your job site. Avoid dewatering in heavy rain as it can become a counterproductive effort. Also in order to avoid erosion, avoid pumping water directly into slopes. Remember that dewatering in specific areas may require certain permits, so be sure to research this beforehand.

dewatering bags for silt

Requirements for Your Jobsite

When working with dewatering bags for silt or other sediment control products, there are certain requirements that you must follow in order to minimize the discharge of pollutants in stormwater from your project:

  • When a body of water is within 50 feet of the site’s earth disturbances, you must provide and maintain natural buffers and/or equivalent sediment and erosion controls.
  • Direct stormwater to vegetated areas and maximize stormwater infiltration and filtering to
    reduce pollutant discharges, if possible.
  • Install sediment controls along any perimeter areas of the site that will receive pollutant
  • Minimize sediment track-out (transfer of sediment via trucks and other machinery in use on the project).
  • Manage stockpiles or land clearing debris piles composed, in whole or in part, of sediment and/or soil.
  • Minimize dust on areas of exposed soil.
  • Minimize steep slope disturbances.
  • Preserve native topsoil, if possible.
  • Minimize soil compaction by restricting vehicle use in certain locations.
  • Protect storm drain inlets.
  • Minimize erosion of stormwater conveyance channels and their embankments, outlets, adjacent streambanks, slopes, and downstream waters.

Sediment Control Products for Your Jobsite

At IWT Cargo-Guard, we offer a variety of sediment control products that provide best management practices for sediment control on your job site. Our EcoTube™ dewatering bags are made from high-strength, permeable geotextile fabrics. The geotextiles themselves possess unique filtration and strength characteristics. They withstand the stresses associated with filling and placement of the tubes including abrasion, tearing, puncturing, and flattening.

From dewatering bags for silt to coir logs and silt fences, we’ll equip you with the right sediment control products for your project. Call us at 609-971-8810 or contact us today so we can discuss the use of EcoTubes™ / Geotextile Tubes for your next project.

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