Protecting The Environment With Spill Containment Products

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Industries across the globe handle liquid chemicals and oils which can be very harmful if spilled. They rely on spill containment and response products to protect their job sites and the environment. In the event of a spill, you need to act fast and get the problem under control in the most efficient, cost-effective way. Understanding what spill containment and response products are required for your industry is an essential part of protecting your job site.

Absorbent Pads and Rolls

Absorbent pads and rolls for industrial spills act a lot like paper towels after a spill in your kitchen. They should be easily accessible on job sites so they can be quickly thrown over a spill, absorbing the liquid and preventing it from spreading. These versatile pads and rolls can be used on both land and water applications. 

There are also oil-only products, some with a layer of spun-bond polypropylene, which adds strength and reduces lint. Any job site with a potential spill risk should have these on hand and trained employees ready to jump into action and use them in the event of a spill. Once a spill has been contained, the pads and rolls must be disposed of. Overpacks and poly drums of different sizes are used to contain the used material so they can be transported to a disposal site.


marine spill response

Super Absorbent Polymers

Other products used for emergency spill response are super absorbent polymers. These are dry, granular polymer crystals that can be poured onto a spill to absorb and contain it. They can retain up to 400 times their own weight in liquid and are ideal for petrochemical spills, remediation projects, landfill closures, environmental cleanup projects. Spill response pads and rolls can become very heavy when filled with liquid while polymers only increase the weight and volume of a spill minimally. This reduction in weight can save money on both transportation and disposal costs. When superabsorbent polymers soak up a spill, a solid mass forms that can be easily transported in overpacks or poly drums.

Spill Containment and Response Kits

Spill containment and response kits are very convenient and beneficial products for many job sites. These kits carry a variety of spill containment products such as absorbent pads and overpacks, as well as bags to use for disposal. They can also contain safety equipment like gloves and goggles. These kits come in various sizes and varieties. Some of these spill kits are used solely for marine applications where a spill has occurred in a body of water. There are also kits designed for hazardous material removal, as well as kits designed for oil-only. Finally, there are universal kits that are useful in a variety of applications. They allow you to keep all of your spill containment products in one place so it is easier to address spills quickly.

spill kits

Spill Containment Experts

IWT Cargo-Guard understands that the ecological and financial impact of job site spills is significant, so we offer a complete line of spill containment and response solutions for every project. Founded with the purpose of developing products to protect our environment, IWT Cargo Guard’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective products for your project. 

By quickly analyzing the products and services required for the project, we become an extension of your estimating department. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can work together to protect and strengthen our environment.

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