The Importance of Dump Truck Liners

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Polyethylene dump truck liners provide the best solution for safe, effective containment and transport of dry and wet waste materials. They are ideal for a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. These liners are easy to install, are form-fitted to your container, and provide several benefits for waste transportation.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Regular maintenance of your equipment can be costly and time-consuming. Dump truck liners help to reduce the need for maintenance in a few ways. Loading the waste materials onto the polyethylene liner, rather than the dump trailer itself, eliminates significant wear and tear on the truck bed. They also ensure less cleaning time of leftover materials which stick to the truck bed.

Polyethylene dump truck liners

Because dump truck liners make it easier for waste to flow off the truck, lower dump angles can be used to release all the waste in the truck bed. This means less use of the hoists which reduces the amount of wear and tear. As a result, they require less maintenance to keep them in working order. These liners also eliminate the need to “slam dump” in order to release 100% of the waste materials. This reduces wear and tear on the major parts of the dump truck such as the hoists, tires, and brakes. Over time, they can help reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Increased Efficiency

Lower dump angles and faster load release help operators increase overall production. With polyethylene dump truck liners, waste unloading is more efficient, significantly reducing the time it takes. They also allow for more controlled waste placement, eliminating trailing mounds. The quicker you can unload the waste, the quicker you can reload the truck.

Better Safety

Safety should always be your number one priority on a job site. Dump truck liners help to ensure job site safety by preventing rollovers with controlled dumping and decrease dump angles. Without them, loads can easily stick at the top of the trailer. When this happens, the truck operator has to climb to the top of the trailer to help loosen the load in order to release it. This is a dangerous situation and can result in severe injuries to the dump truck operator. They ensure the entire load releases without the operator having to leave the cab since they allow the load to easily slide off the truck bed.

temporary dump truck liners

Temporary Dump Truck Liners for Every Job

Now that you know the benefits of dump truck liners and how they can improve operations for your business, it’s time to pick the best one for your needs. At IWT Cargo-Guard, we carry a variety of disposable temporary polyethylene dump truck liners. Our liners are form-fitted to the container size in thicknesses ranging from 3 mil to 10 mil. Installation is quick and easy from inside or outside the container.

Depending on the material being relocated we will match our liners to the job requirements. For wet material, we suggest polyethylene instead of woven polypropylene (bulk bag material) to eliminate the chance of leakage. For asbestos liners, we carry full gauge material to help meet individual State regulatory requirements. If you need the liners to remain intact when dumping at the landfill, we carry a selection of drop bags. We can also manufacture a liner to suit your needs. If you need dump truck liners for your upcoming project, contact us today to get started!

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