What is the Difference Between Gabion Baskets and Mattresses?

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As evident by our tagline, IWT Cargo-Guard prides itself on providing environmentally friendly products to protect our natural world. Two of these such products include gabion baskets and reno mattresses. Gabion baskets and reno mattresses are very similar products, both are used to promote vegetative growth which is essential to the preservation and maintenance of the ecological balance of the environment. But what about the differences? Let’s review everything you need to know about gabion baskets and reno mattresses.

Gabion Baskets

Gabions are rectangular or cubical compartmented baskets manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized wire mesh. They are often used for earth retention and erosion control. The compartments are filled with stones which are evenly distributed by diaphragms between them that help to maintain the basket’s uniform shape. You can also line them with geotextiles, which prevent the migration of soils from below or behind the baskets and through the gaps between rock particles. The gabion baskets are sealed and secured with special fasteners. This prevents the stones from moving and maintains the integrity of the system.

One of the major elements of gabion baskets is that they are permeable. The flexible nature of their structure allows them to be easily connected to cover unstable foundations. Additionally, there is no need for costly drainage provisions as gabions promote vegetative growth. They are often used in highway and railway work in addition to bridge abutments, wing walls, channel linings, and retaining walls, as they naturally blend into the environment.

Reno Mattresses

Reno mattresses are similar in construction to gabion baskets. However, they are relatively wider with less depth. As a result, they are often used as revetment mats, channel linings, sea walls, weirs, or as a foundation under gabion baskets. They are employed in canals, dams, and slopes to effectively tackle wave and erosion-induced velocity.

reno mattress

The Difference

As you can see, the major difference between gabion baskets and Reno mattresses is their varying heights. Gabions are greater than 1” while reno mattresses are less than 1”. They are both used to create a strong, permeable, and flexible earth retention structure; however, reno mattresses are just wider and shorter. Using both products together can effectively cover an expansive area with varying heights and depths. They can be connected to create a monolithic mass structure capable of undergoing structural movement without any loss of structural integrity. In other words, gabion baskets and mattresses used in tandem create a highly durable structure.

The Similarities

Evidently, there are many similarities between gabion baskets and reno mattresses. They are both used to withstand environmental stresses including channel or foundation shifts, soil pressure, and high-velocity waves. Both have divided cells with diaphragms and are able to twist and conform to changes in the land and promote vegetative growth. For this reason, both products are great choices for bioengineering projects and other relevant applications including:

  • Retaining Structures
  • Vegetative Slope Reinforcement
  • Channel Lining and Relocation
  • Slope and Bank Protection
  • Shore and Stream Protection
  • Drop Structures
  • Erosion Control

Another major benefit of gabion baskets and reno mattresses is their cost-effectiveness. Constructing these two products does not require skilled labor either. Standard construction equipment can be used which can help you avoid any additional expenses for specialized equipment. You will be able to build them in stages, and if necessary, gabion baskets can even be prefilled and launched in order to enable the installation underwater. For convenience without the cost, gabion baskets and reno mattresses are perfect for the job.

gabion basket retaining wall

Ready to Utilize Gabion Baskets and Mattresses For Your Next Project?

Look no further than IWT Cargo-Guard. Gabion baskets and Reno mattresses are just two of the products we offer to protect our environment. Whether you are looking for geotextiles and geogrids or dewatering bags and water diversion products, we have the products you need to get the job done. Learn more about what we offer and actual projects that were completed using our expertise. Contact our team today to learn more and get started.

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