Why You Need to Use a Dump Truck Liner

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If you’re in the dump truck hauling line of work, then you will know firsthand how important it is to transport material effectively. Jobsite managers rely on their workers to haul hazardous or contaminated materials to landfills with speed and efficiency. For this reason, your dump truck needs to be fully optimized for success. Unsure how to achieve this task? The answer is simple: a dump truck liner.

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What is a Dump Truck Liner?

A dump truck liner is a disposable polyethylene liner that is used to effectively contain and transport waste materials. They form-fit to your container and reduce wear and tear by creating a protective layer between the truck bed and the products being transported. Sounds simple right? 

Thanks to dump truck liners, you don’t need to worry about materials causing significant damage. On the job, dump truck beds are constantly exposed to a variety of abrasive substances including gravel and metal scraps. However, liners can add a much-needed layer of protection. 

This means that you will be able to reliably and safely transport countless contaminated materials, protecting the environment as well. Surrounding soil and groundwater can easily be contaminated by spilled substances during transport. But with the containment capabilities of dump truck liners, spills and leaks can be prevented.

Applications and Materials 

Dump Truck liners are simply designed for containment. That means leaks won’t be a problem when hauling hazardous materials. Whether you’re transporting wet or corrosive substances, dump truck liners will remain intact, even when dumping at a landfill. They can be applied in various ways, with a multitude of materials, depending on your specific project.

For example, if you’re relocating wet materials,  using reinforced polyethylene liners will eliminate the chance of leaks and soil contamination. Or perhaps you’re trying to meet the state regulatory requirements for asbestos liners, using full gauge polyethylene material would be your ideal option. From form-fitting non-reinforced polyethylene liners to reinforced woven polyethylene drop bags, dump truck liners can be customized to handle any job, remaining intact even when dumping at landfills. Ultimately, these liners will prove to save you tons of money that would otherwise be spent on spilled or leaked materials.

Improve Your Bottom Line(r)

Clearly, a dump truck liner can be extremely cost-effective. For example, the longer the lifespan of your truck, the more time you’ll have until you need to purchase a new one. You don’t need bulky items denting and scratching up your vehicle leading to costly repairs or replacements. 

Liners can also help reduce wear below the hood as well. Also, they reduce the need to slam dump, which is when a truck bed is quickly raised as high as it goes in an effort to shake loose product stuck on top. This puts less pressure on your brakes, hoists, and tires. If you’re looking for a way to improve your bottom line, a dump truck liner is your best bet.

Stay Safe and Timely

Using a dump truck liner will not only save you money, but save you significant time too while keeping your employees safe. Like we said: no need for slam dumping. Their non-stick surface makes substances sticking to your truck a non-issue. Liners will lead to an increase in productivity and a decrease in wasted time and materials. 

In addition, by significantly reducing the dump angle, a dump truck liner is keeping your workers safer. If loads are stuck to the top of the trailer, operators may have to climb quite high in order to wrestle with the slick, unsteady substance stuck to your trailer. This could lead to devastating results. Instead, installing a liner to your truck will eliminate load scraping and the need for workers to put themselves into harm’s way to dislodge a load. 

Ultimately, these simple polyethylene liners have the potential to save lives, time, and money. What are you waiting for?

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Dump Truck Liners on Demand

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of dump truck liners, we know the perfect service for you. IWT Cargo Guard manufactures quality and custom dump truck liners for all of your transport needs. Whether you’re hauling hazardous materials to landfills for treatment, or trying to transport scrap metal to job sites without scratching up your truck, we have the liner for you. Contact us today to get started!

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