Permanent Oil Spill Containment


Floating Barriers Made For Long-Term Service

Perma-Boom is a specialized containment product widely utilized for controlling and managing spills in water bodies, typically deployed in oil spill response operations and other environmental containment strategies. It is designed with a durable PVC-coated polyester conveyor-belting membrane, engineered to withstand harsh conditions and contain pollutants effectively. It includes highly visible and unsinkable rotary molded polyethylene floats filled with closed-cell urethane foam. This hard shell float makes it completely different from standard barriers.

Perma-Boom systems are strategically installed in various locations to prevent the spread of contaminants, safeguarding marine ecosystems and water quality. These containment booms are predominantly used in areas such as fuel docks, shipyards, cargo terminals, and marinas where there is a risk of contamination due to spills or discharges. The Perma-Boom acts as a robust barrier, restricting the movement of pollutants and providing a critical response measure to environmental incidents. It is a versatile and cost-efficient solution, crucial for mitigating the impacts of pollutants on aquatic environments.




Oil Spill Containment Contain and control the spread of oil spills in fuel docks. shipyards, and marinas
Debris Containment Contain floating debris, such as plastic waste, vegetation, and other materials
Silt and Sediment Control Control the dispersion of silt and sediment, mitigating the impact on water clarity
Water Diversion Redirect the flow of water in rivers and streams
Aquaculture Create designated areas in fish farming and prevent escape of aquatic organisms

Specifications: Perma-Boom Systems typically come in the following standard sizes: 18″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 11′ x skirt 7″), 24″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 11′ x skirt 13″) , and 36″ width by 100’ length (Freeboard 12′ x skirt 24″). Other lengths are available by request.



What is Perma-Boom?

Perma-Boom is a containment solution designed to control and manage spills and floating debris in water bodies, including oils, chemicals, and other pollutants, to protect marine ecosystems and water quality.

Where is Perma-Boom used?

Perma-Boom is versatile and is used in a variety of locations such as fuel docks, offshore platforms, shipyards, refinery terminals, dry docks, marinas, and other water bodies, wherever there is a need for containment or control of spills and debris.

What is Perma-Boom made of?

Perma-Boom is typically made of durable and resilient materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions and effective containment of pollutants.

How is Perma-Boom deployed?

Perma-Boom is deployed strategically in areas at risk of contamination. It is usually anchored or weighted and positioned to effectively contain or control the spread of pollutants or debris.

Is Perma-Boom a permanent solution?

Perma-Boom can be deployed as both a temporary and a more permanent solution, depending on the application’s requirements and the specific environmental conditions present.

How is Perma-Boom maintained?

Maintenance of Perma-Boom involves regular inspections to ensure it is in good condition and effective, along with cleaning or replacement as needed, to maintain its functionality and effectiveness in containing pollutants or debris.




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