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The Problem

When JF Brennan and Envirocon needed to design a custom turbidity curtain layout for the Ashland/Northern States Power Superfund project in Ashland Wisconsin, IWT Cargo-Guard and Spilldam Environmental were called upon to come up with a curtain system that would work and satisfy the oversight engineers and the regulatory authorities.

The Solution

The material to be dredged NAPL (non-aqueous phase liquids) can be particularly difficult to work with as it coats and clogs almost everything it comes in contact with. By working closely with the engineering company and the onsite contractors,J F Brennan and Envirocon, a multi-tiered approach was designed to provide a fail safe containment system. The system consisted of bedload baffles, carbon curtain, and  turbidity barriers / silt curtains designed specifically for this project site.

After excavation and ISS, a site cover, consisting of clean imported backfill and US-2NN, a double-sided natural net straw erosion control blanket was installed across the site and adjacent properties. Clean fill was also placed in the channel to restore back to previous channel elevations. Along the shoreline, Koirmat 700 and straw wattles provided the erosion control necessary to help in the establishment of the native species of aquatic and riparian plants.

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